FREE E-book: The Mint Marketing Plan for Any Business Launch in 10 Weeks


Deal Score+4
Deal Score+4

The complete marketing roadmap that grew Mint to 1 million users in 6 months
The Mint Marketing Plan for Any Business Launch is an ebook that breaks down actionable, real-world strategies for launching your business.

FREE E-book: The Mint Marketing Plan for Any Business Launch in 10 Weeks 1

Week 1 –Customer Clairvoyance
Make a list of eight targeted user groups
Write unique needs of each user group and how your product addresses those needs

Week 2 – Set up Your Landing Page
What made Mint’s landing page work
Steps to create a simple landing page – minimal effort, maximum signups

Week 3 – Understanding and Finding Your Users
Find out where your potential users hang out online
Set up quant-based marketing spreadsheet

Week 4 – Track Everything
Set up Google Analytics and other tracking tools
Engage in user testing

Week 5 – Test Your Messaging
Test product messaging based on customer surveys, responses to landing pages
Craft brand promises and benefits
Set up landing pages to test messaging
Start establishing relationships with reporters

Week 6 – SEO
Find relevant keywords, input into Keywords Sheet
Set up site using SEO best practices
Begin drafting keyword-specific content

Week 7 – Content
Begin building content strategy based on popular keywords
Find popular posts in your niche, structure blog series around similar topics

Week 8 – SEM and Celebrity Outreach
List top bloggers in your niche using the Targeted Blogs Sheet
Begin buying several ads and directing them to landing pages
Split test
Reach out to bottom 20 personal bloggers in your niche to see if you can sponsor
them or get them interested in your product

Week 9 – Social Media Marketing and Blog Advertising
Start submitting your interesting content to sites and groups
Guest posting
Advertise on targeted blogs from the Targeted Blogs Sheet
Engage with potential users via social networking channels

Week 10 – Launch Timeline and Beta Access
Formulate a launch plan and launch timeline
Reach out to key mid-level celebrities and bloggers about becoming beta users

Week 11 – Email Marketing, PR
Send your list pre-launch emails to get them ready to use your product
Reach out to reporters and news outlets you have relationships with
Potentially sponsor other email lists

Week 12 – Launch!
Set up online community for users
Launch to your email list
Reach out to news outlets to get media attention

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